About Billet Turbochargers
Billet Turbochargers are an elite true high performance turbocharger built from the highest quality parts and materials. They are lighter, spool faster and can handle higher thrust loads than have ever been achieved in any production turbocharger. Billet Turbo's was the first to utilise a full complement silicon nitride (ceramic) ball bearing system and is still the worlds most advanced turbo ball bearing system.
Billet Turbo’s are available for small engines all the way up to the professional drag racer. Billet Turbochargers produce twin ball bearing turbo’s capable of flowing 2400hp per turbo making Billet Turbochargers the manufacture of the highest flowing twin ball bearing turbo’s in the world.


Conventional ball bearing turbos use steel ball bearings, Phenolic (plastic) bearing cages and GMR turbines. Some brands are still using a single brass caged ceramic ball bearing and journal/bush oil bearing system.

Billet Turbochargers takes the ball bearing turbo to a whole new level.


Billet Turbochargers use perfectly matched aerospace grade twin full complement silicon nitride ball bearing systems and the latest technology compressor wheels and Inconel turbines. Inconel is the most durable material used in conventional production turbochargers.


The perfectly matched aerospace grade twin full complement silicon nitride ball bearing system developed by Billet Turbocharger disregards the need for a bearing cage altogether. With out the need for a bearing cage the Billet Turbochargers ball bearing system has considerably less drag than conventional ball bearing turbo’s.

The Billet Turbochargers silicon nitride balls are  58% lighter, 121% harder,  than steel ball bearings, have a truer shape and they can withstand higher speeds, more heat and higher thrust loads. With lighter, truer shaped aerospace grade ball bearings and no bearing cage, then used in conjunction with the latest compressor wheels and Inconel turbines. Billet Turbochargers make more power, spin up faster and can with stand more punishment by design.


The Billet centre cartridge and back plates are a unique advanced light weight, hard anodized precision CNC machined aeronautic grade billet aluminium piece. As well as being functional in strength, heat dissipation and weight saving. They look amazing. The quality of finish and attention to detail is first class. The Billet Turbochargers come in a standard colour range of anodized Red, Blue and Purple.
Billet Turbochargers is leading the way of all high performance ball bearing turbo’s setting new benchmarks in performance, durability and Quality not seen in any other turbo


 Billet Turbochargers use the most technologically advanced turbo ball bearing system in the world


• Perfectly matched aerospace grad full complement twin silicon nitride ball bearing system
• Precision
CNC machined aeronautic grade billet aluminium centre cartridge.
• Latest technology Inconel turbines

• Latest technology compressor wheels
• Handle higher shaft speeds and thrust loads
• Physically lighter
• Spool faster

• First class finish and look great
• More durable

Steel Ball Bearing vs Silicon Nitride (Ceramic) Ball bearing


Typical Steel



Density [g/cc]



-58% Lighter

Hardness [Vickers]



+121% Harder

Elastic Modulus [GPa]



+68% Stiffer

Thermal Expansion Coefficient (10-6K)
[RT to 800C]




Max Work Temperature [°C]




Surface Finish [micron]



+75% Smoother

Material Fatigue, Life Wear Resistance




Frequently Asked Question:
Is the Billet Turbochargers ball bearing system just the same as other ball bearing turbo's ?
Short Answer:
The Billet Turbochargers ball bearing system is NOT a copy of any other ball bearing turbo. The Billet Turbochargers ball bearing system is an original design developed by Billet Turbochargers. The basic idea for the advanced ball bearing system came from the aerospace sister company Talon AeroSpace. At Talon AeroSpace they develop and manufacture small gas turbine jet engines for defense force uses. The same principles as used in Talon AeroSpace ball bearing jet engines have been carried over to the Billet Turbochargers system. Gas Turbine jet engines have much higher shaft speeds, extreme heat and thrust loads than any turbocharger. These facts led to the unique high performing and robust design of the Billet Turbochargers ball bearing turbochargers.

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