The Billet Pro DRAG B91-GTE is 13kg (28.5lbs) lighter than a GT5533R
Billet Pro DRAG B91-GTE
(CNC Machined T7 7075 billet compressor wheel)
Compressor options.
Billet-B91, Inducer 91.2mm Exducer 133mm.

Compressor cover options.
Billet Pro DRAG 1.05 A/R cover. 5 inlet, 4" outlet.

Compressor cover optional upgrades.
Bullet port shrouded Billet Pro DRAG 1.05 A/R cover. 5 inlet, 4" outlet.

Standard turbine.
Billet-Pro GTE 84 trim, Inducer 111mm Exducer 102.6mm. 

Exhaust housing options.
Open, T6 V-Band outlet .84 A/R, .96 A/R, 1.06 A/R 1.15 A/R, TBA
Divided, TBA

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